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What is OwnerHolidays ?

Published on 27th September 2016 by Essence

A co-operative collaborative venture by holiday home owners

Owner Holidays is a new listing site for owners and guests of self-catering accommodation. It is a collaborative and cooperative venture founded and owned by independent holiday home owners. It is also suitable for small and medium sized agencies.

It has been developed as a response to recent changes in the holiday rental marketplace, which have meant a loss of control by owners, and extra charges imposed on both owners and guests.

For guests, it encourages close contact with owners and easy reliable booking. For owners, it advertises your properties, whether you have a sophisticated booking system, or a website only, or even just a telephone and email. It integrates with many other third party systems for calendar and other synchronisation.

At present, it is free to advertise for a year, and there are no charges to guests. The business model is to have wide share ownership within the holiday owner community so that resources can be shared for advertising, and owner control is established long term.

The founders are members of LayMyHat, and have wide experience in web software, business development and holiday property ownership.

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5 thoughts on “What is OwnerHolidays ?

  • on 28th September 2016

    this sounds great. It was forwarded to me by a “Lay my Hat” member. As a gîte owner I would be interested in advertising on your forum . Our emphasis is on creating memories for families with young children. Consideration for our guests is at the heart of everything we do. That also means making the booking process easy and with no added cost to the guest. We like to have full control of each booking as well as personal contact with prospective guests from moment of enquiry.
    Could you please let me know if it would be possible to advertise on your site.
    Do you have “availability” calendars?
    Do you have an example page to view?

  • Essence
    on 28th September 2016

    Thank you. Yes, there are availability calendars, and the booking can be done directly with you. Owner Holidays takes no part in the booking process, apart from connecting guests and owners/agents. To advertise, just register and add your properties. It is free for a year for the moment, but that won’t last for ever.

  • VillaAntonio
    on 30th October 2016

    Good luck with this venture
    We have submitted our Villa in Lanzarote
    This deserves to be a success as it is taking the simple model of bringing Owners and potential guests together directly
    Best Wishes
    Villa Antonio Lanzarote

  • gunnyandbob
    on 10th November 2016

    I wa thinking about whats on offer now for property owners and how good it would be to set a site up, like this one. And then ten minutes later found OwnerHolidays on laymyhat!! Now happily entering our details,



  • Essence
    on 17th February 2017

    Please note that from 16 January 2017 publishing properties costs £50 per property per annum.

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