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Digital marketing – a viral strategy

Published on 1st October 2016 by Essence

Digital marketing

Digital marketing of Owner Holidays Ltd. is key to any success. It needs to be marketed to owners and agencies, so they advertise their properties, and it needs to be marketed to guests, so they make enquiries and book.

In early stages the marketing strategy will only work if all stakeholders (owners and guests) contribute within their own circle of friends and connections. In this way, a very wide audience will be reached. The stakeholders, having an interest in the success of the site and possibly an equity share in the company, will have strong incentives to promote the site.

A digital marketing budget can be eaten up very rapidly on tools like Google Adwords and paid advertisements. On the other hand, a managed viral marketing strategy can build the brand with little expenditure.

Social media

One strand of marketing is to set up social media sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and others. These need to be maintained and continuously new material published, such as latest property listings. A daily update on all sites is required. These sites also encourage discussion and feedback from owners and guests.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

SEO of has already started and tools such as Google Analytics and Google Webmaster (or Search Console) are being used to monitor traffic.

Specialist SEO tools have been installed on the website and used to generate dynamically the necessary information to aid web crawlers in their search for meaningful and useful websites.

Links from owner websites back to OwnerHolidays will have a very significant effect on search traffic. a suitable logo and HTML extract will be created and everybody encouraged to implement these back links in their own websites and social media sites.


Articles, whether published in social media sites such as LinkedIn, or in national or international newspapers such as OnlineMail, are an excellent avenue to a wide audience.


Newletters, delivered in the form of emails, is an excellent way of keeping the community informed, but can suffer from the danger of being considered spam. It needs to be carefully managed, not too frequent, and provide real information rather than marketing hype.

Alliances and collaborations

There are many vendors in the holiday rental business who are not directly competing with listing sites such as OwnerHolidays. This includes specialist agencies, channel managers, and booking system vendors. By forming strategic alliances with these players, collaborative efforts can build a much higher internet presence.

Time and effort

All these marketing initiatives take significant time and effort, but do not necessarily require large budgets. Finding the right people to drive the marketing will be one of the top priorities for Owner Holidays. They need wide experience of digital marketing, and an aggressive attitude towards delivery of results.

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