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Managing bookings

Published on 14th December 2016 by Essence

Managing bookings – how to handle requests and online bookings.

When a guest clicks on ‘Book now’, it is actually a booking request. In the future it will direct the guest to the owner’s own booking page for online booking, but at present it is simply a request. The owner should get an email for information.

This booking request will appear in the owner panel under ‘My Booking Requests’.

The booking request will not appear in the availability calendar.

If the owner accepts the booking, through direct contact with the guest, then the calendar needs to be updated. This either has to be done by hand, by editing the property in the owner page under the ‘Calendar’ tab, or else will be updated automatically f there is an iCals integration.

Booking requests may be deleted by clicking on the ‘delete’ button in the ‘My Booking Requests’ section of the owner panel.

If the owner enters a booking on the calendar in the ‘Calendar’ tab when editing the property in the owner page, then the booking is confirmed and will appear on availability sections, but can be deleted on the ‘My Booking Requests’ page.


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